Embracing sustainability is not just a choice, but a responsibility, shaping our commitment to create a thriving future for generations to come.



Optimizing data center efficiency is crucial for minimizing environmental impact and maximizing performance, ensuring sustainable operations in the digital age.



With over 35 years of global consulting experience, GTSS Consulting provides unparalleled expertise and insights to drive success in today's dynamic digital landscape.


Our promise


Guiding Success Through Client-Centric Solutions

At GTSS, our commitment is to meticulously identify our clients' needs and seamlessly align them with tailor-made solutions, ensuring their objectives are met with precision and satisfaction.



At GTSS, we specialize in meticulously identifying, optimizing, and enhancing operational efficiency and reliability, empowering organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape with confidence and precision.

Our team

Nikki Blake and Kevin Kent, integral members of the GTSS team, bring a wealth of expertise and dedication, ensuring unparalleled service and solutions for our clients.

Nikki Blake

CEO & Co-founder

Nikki Blake commands unparalleled respect and admiration across the African data center landscape, where her influential presence is felt far and wide. Recognized as a visionary leader with a profound commitment to sustainability, Nikki's influence extends beyond mere borders, resonating throughout every corner of the African data center community.

In her capacity as Secretary General at the Africa Data Center Association, Nikki Blake exemplifies unparalleled dedication and leadership, spearheading initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable solutions and fostering industry-wide collaboration. Her passionate advocacy for diversity, inclusion, and sustainability has not only earned her prestigious awards, such as the coveted Diversity in Digital Environment Award at the Platform Africa event in Marrakech, Morocco, but has also solidified her status as a trailblazer in the African data center sphere.

Moreover, Nikki's impact transcends organizational roles as she actively engages in transformative initiatives like "AWIT" (African Women in Technology) and plays a pivotal role in orchestrating global events for "WTF" (Women in Technology), championing the empowerment and advancement of women in the tech sector. As an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, Nikki captivates audiences worldwide with her unparalleled insights on sustainability and technological innovation, leaving an indelible mark on every individual fortunate enough to hear her speak.

In essence, Nikki Blake's profound impact and esteemed reputation reverberate throughout all African data centers, where her visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to sustainability continue to shape and redefine the industry landscape for years to come.

Kevin Kent

COO & Co-founder

Kevin Kent stands as an eminent figure in the realm of data center operations, management, monitoring, sustainability, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and carbon accounting. With deep-rooted connections to various environmental foundations in the United States and a distinguished role as a Climate Reality Leader, Kevin is steadfast in his mission to enhance global data center operational efficiency and sustainability.

His wealth of experience and specialized knowledge has secured him a prestigious position on the Board of Directors of the international Data Center Institute. Here, he remains dedicated to championing operational efficiency and sustainability within the data center sector. Additionally, as a global educator for DCD Academy, Kevin delivers vital training and certification programs for data center professionals, encompassing credentials like CDCP (Certified Data Center Professional) and DCT (Data Center Technician) focusing on facilities management.

In 2021, Kevin orchestrated significant advancements in data center operations and sustainability by devising a certification program that acknowledges organizations adhering to sustainability best practices. His tireless efforts to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge on operational and sustainable methodologies have garnered widespread recognition in various tech publications, blogs, webinars, and live podcasts throughout the year.

Kevin is a globally acclaimed keynote speaker, captivating audiences across many countries including South Africa, Morocco, the US, UK, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Spain, and Australia. In 2019, he had the honor of delivering a keynote address at the United Nations Technology Center in Valencia, Spain, further solidifying his reputation as an influential thought leader in the field.

Kevin Kent's unwavering dedication to enhancing global data center operational efficiency, sustainability, reducing carbon footprints, and safeguarding the environment has rightfully established him as a prominent global leader in the field. His expertise, certifications, and substantial contributions to the industry have earned him widespread acclaim, as he continues to spearhead positive transformations in the data center industry's approach towards operational efficiency and sustainability.

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